What music do you have?

We are specialized in music, regardless of the genre. You will find rock, hip hop, classical, dance and house music, among other genres.

How long does it take to download something?

It depends on the size of the file (whether it is a song, an album or an entire discography), as well as your Internet connection.

Do I need an account to download music?

Yes, you will require an account to stream and download music. Fortunately, the registration takes about half a minute.

Do you stream any live events or not?

We stream live concerts from plenty of artists. Find your favorite one and you can watch the whole show in real time.

Other Questions

How much can I download?

You can stream and download round the clock. There are no limitations – you can keep going for as much as you want.

Do you take requests?

We take requests for songs, albums and even discographies. We also take requests for musical events – concerts, awards and others – that we might miss.

How can I make a request?

You do not need to do anything for a request but send us an email. Even if you do not expect a reply back, we will send you an email with the result of your request.

What kind of quality standards should I expect?

We do not accept SD quality standards, but just high quality videos. Reach to our video gallery and check a few samples of what you can expect from MP3 2000.

If you have more questions…

If you cannot find an answer to your question, simply get in touch with us today. We have a dedicated customer service team at your disposal.

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