Johnny Sars

Composer & Guitarist

About Johnny

Born in 1972, Johnny Sars is one of the leading names associated with MP3 2000. A professional singer himself, he is familiar with the industry and updated to the latest news and trends. Johnny has taken his first guitar lessons when he was nine years old and has become one of the most reputable guitarists in this area. MP3 2000 represents a passion project for him. Along with Sonny Yellow Jr., he is one of the co-founders of this project that brings together people from all backgrounds and of all ages looking for that one thing they have in common – music. The portal keeps evolving round the clock and this is mostly because of Johnny’s dedication.

Sonny Yellow Jr.

Drummer & Vocalist

About Sonny

Sonny Yellow Jr. is one of the MP3 2000 co-founders and a reputable drummer with over 15 years of experience. He is also a vocalist on certain projects. MP3 2000 has started as a hobby project for Sonny, but it has managed to become one of the top rated music download and streaming services over the Internet. While it is definitely more than just a random project, it still represents one of Sonny’s main passions.

Sam Heiman


Sam Heiman is a respected guitarist and a social media influencer. He joined the MP3 2000 project due to his passion for music freedom. These days, he is one of the top players of the portal and responsible for keeping up with the latest releases, news and rumors.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nam cursus. Morbi ut mi. Nullam enim leo, egestas id, condimentum at, laoreet mattis, massa. Sed eleifend nonummy diam.
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DJ Candid

Full Time DJ

DJ Candid is one of the stars of MP3 2000. While there might be more platform streaming albums and songs, he is the name responsible for all the concerts you can stream and download online. To make things even better, he ensures each concert is played in high quality video formats.