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New album on the market? Be it Beyonce, Coldplay, Eminem or Ariana Grande, we have it all covered. The moment an album comes out, it will make it to MP3 2000 within the same day. We have a dedicated team of music specialists that keep an eye on the latest news, rumors and releases, but they also follow the latest trends in the music industry. No matter what kind of music you are interested in, chances are you will find it here. Our platform will provide two different options while you are here. You can stream music online, but you can also download it for offline playing.

We bring in any kind of album – be it an EP or an LP. As long as the respective artist has a solid fan base, the new release will be among our priorities. Furthermore, we also take requests. Some artists may not be internationally known, but have impressive amounts of fans in certain countries or parts of the world. If you know anyone like that and you cannot find them on MP3 2000, get in touch with us and chances are their album will make it in no time. Simply put, everyone can find their favorite music here – with or without a request.

Purple Skull
1. Woman in the Mirror3:44
2. Up in the Sky4:21
3. Just the Two of Us3:47
4. Save Me from Myself3:24
5. Crazy World5:27
1. Wish Me Luck5:12
2. Good Old Times4:39
3. Bounce3:36
4. A New Day3:24
5. Listen to Me5:19
Concert Streams

Is your favorite artist about to have a concert? Are you unable to attend it? How about an award ceremony filled with short performances? You do not have to wait for days and see small bits over the Internet. Instead, you can watch the whole event as it unveils to the audience, just like if you were there. We gather live streams of some of the most expected concerts out there, so our audience can watch it in real time. 

While we cannot cover every concert in an artist’s tour, we do try our best to bring in something from every popular singer out there. Keep an eye on our latest updates and make sure you follow your favorite artists too.


Are you worried we might miss an important concert? Simply get in touch with it and make a request for the respective concert. We probably have it covered already, yet it still pays off to double check to prevent surprises.


Save time by downloading entire discographies.


Most of our guests choose to simply stream music online. In a world where everyone has access to the Internet (be it at home, at work or in the car), our visitors choose the easy path and play their favorite music over the Internet. You can play full albums or just your favorite songs – entirely up to you. However, there is another option too.

Unable to access the Internet in your car? Limited data on your phone? There is nothing to worry about. You can stream your favorite albums and concerts, but you can also download them. This way, you can play them in an offline mode too.

Downloading an entire discography is fairly simple. Find your favorite artist or band and you have the option to download the entire discography. You can also go into smaller details and download a whole album only – not to mention being able to go for one song. It is entirely up to you. Furthermore, just like for live concerts or albums, you can also request an artist’s full discography if you cannot find it here. We take requests by email and ensure they will be uploaded as quickly as possible. As a small bonus, when you get to your favorite artist, you will be able to download their concerts too.

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